"Chästeilet" or the distribution of dividends from cows

Wengen is the scene of a great culinary festival

As the end of summer approaches, Wengen is celebrating. The "Chästeilet" is a celebration of culture and tradition. Young and old, farmers and managers come together to enjoy the unique atmosphere, the music and the culinary delights. It is also the occasion when the shareholders come to collect the tasty dividends from their cows.

An idea for a round table ...

This event, which started as a simple round table idea, was first organized years ago by the "Küchenchef-Stammtisch Wengen". At that time, no one would have imagined that this cheese festival would develop into the annual folk festival it is today. The Wengen Chästeilet celebrates the end of summer on the alp. On this occasion, the cheese from the summer production is distributed to the farmers and sold on site. Visitors enjoy a rich musical program, delicious culinary delights and a wide selection of alpine products.

Distribution of dividends from cows

At the time, the idea of distributing the dividends from the cows, like the idea of the Chästeilet, caused a sensation. This distribution guarantees the farmers the sale of their cheeses. If you are a shareholder, you can receive the dividends at the Chästeilet. They take the form of a wheel of alpine cheese and other delicacies.